Online Return Submission Process

1. Collect the Activation PIN from LTU

You can come to LTU office and collect the activation PIN.

OR you can request for a PIN and LTU will send it to you via mail.

2. Registration

Register online using your TIN and PIN. Registration process will allow you to create a User ID and Password. You will be able to log into your account anytime using this ID and Password.

3. Income Tax Return Submission

  1. To submit return first login to your account using your ID and Password. After logging into your account you will find a link to the tax return form.

  2. You have to fill up all the mandatory fields and have to submit all the different Parts of the return form properly in order to complete the return submission successfully.

  3. You will find an attachment section in the return form where you can attach the soft copy of all the necessary documents like challan, pay order copy etc. You can scan and attach those documents as JPG image format. You can also attach any necessary documents as PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP and RAR format (file size should not be more than 4 MB).

  4. If the return submission is successful you will be notified via email, otherwise contact with LTU authority.
  5. There are 5 different 'Status' of a Tax Return.
    1. Incomplete: If all the mandatory fields are not properly filled up and submitted.
    2. Pending: If the Income Tax Return is properly submitted and waiting for the confirmation. You can modify the return information while its status is pending.
    3. Blocked: while the LTU authority is verifying the return you submitted, the return status will be Blocked. You can not modify the return information within this period. However if you need to modify anything within this period you can contact to LTU authority and they can unblock the Tax Return.
    4. Accepted: If the Income Tax Return is properly verified and Accepted. You will get an acknowledgement via email.
    5. Rejected: If the Income Tax Return is properly verified and Rejected. The reasons for rejection will be sent to you via email. The edit option will be available for you. So, you can do the corrections and submit again within the deadline.

4. Acknowledgement

Within 48 hours your submitted return will be verified and an acknowledgement will be sent to you via email. You can also verify your acceptance by logging into the LTU website and checking your return request status.